Everything I love, leaves
Everything I plant, withers
If you cut me off I understand,
I handed you the scissors
— Severed

If you have to start a sentence with:

"I don’t want to sound racist/sexist/homophobic/prejudice but…"

please just stop right there.

Is it bad that I feel absolutely no attachment to my friends?

I mean they are all cool people, but they would be just as cool via email or long distance calls.

I’m ready to leave.

Roam//TSSF - just my picture & edit

Life doesn’t get much better after school really, the first 5-10 years instead of checking your grades and being disappointed, you’re checking your bank account and being… you guessed it… disappointed.

Views like this make getting up, putting my boots on, and making the drive so much more worth it.
Your freckles are stars to me
— sixwordstory by me, to a girl whose constellations have since become teardrops in the dirt.

Come to find out, I’ve been technically dehydrated for the past 6/8 months.

And not metaphorically. Actually medically dehydrated…

You don’t have to experience something to write about it.

Just because I post it doesn’t mean it refers to me or is from my viewpoint.

I write for a lot of my friends. I even write based on songs I hear on the radio on the way home from work.

The writing is neither strictly exclusive or inclusive to the writer.

It’s just writing.

Plaid and boots. The simple things.