Don’t let him make your stars into mere dust, or let him reduce your mountains into simple rocks.

Be strong enough to see the value in your time when all he can see are the ticking clocks.

Fog on the river, need some beer on my liver.
New tats on the whip


I don’t know the guy who’s playing but I looked him up so I could say I wanted to come and know some songs in case you asked my favorite.

I missed half of his set because I was staring at you and I think it’s awfully cute when you put your hair in your face as if people actually noticed that you mumble the lyrics you don’t know.

You don’t have any rhythm at all. It makes me laugh because we bumped and knocked all night while I was trying sooo hard to get on your wavelength. I like how you dance.

When that one guy sang that song about kissing your crush, I swear you burned a hole in that wall with your laser stare. Meanwhile I was frozen and our friends were pushing us into each other. Not romantic at all. I’ll pass.

I only passed because I was nervous. Very unlike me but what can I say. You’re very unlike me. I mean, cliche hipster pop singer/songwriter? No. But for you? Yes.

I think I irritated you when I got your water and your to go box. I know you hate being “taken care of”.. You are strong. Well not really, but you like to pretend you are and I should let you.

I hope you slept well after all of that, because I didn’t. I replayed everything and how it could’ve gone ten times better and the sun came back up to give me another chance and I’m going to take it.

Best part about summer, being near the water!!
0:26 and I’m falling. And I don’t mean asleep.