I ain’t rich but lord I’m free

She’s the river

She’s strong enough to cut through stone but soft enough to let herself be tamed by my shorelines.

She’s the river watering the pines.

She’s fast enough to slip through your fingers but steady enough to flow year round.

She’s the river through my ground.

She’s pretty enough to calm the animals but fierce enough to rage with no restraint and sweep trees away.

She’s the river who made me stay.

Her makeup isn’t for her. It’s for us. Not to spare us her natural state in an attempt to fit into society but rather:

To save us from the wrath of the ocean contained by her mascara

To save us from the galaxies of powerful stars covered by her foundation

To save us from the fire that burns on her lips smothered by gloss

Her makeup is for us. Such unbridled beauty needs a harness. Society could not handle her natural state.

— Her makeup is not for her

She could set me on fire with her hair and drown me in her eyes.

All I ever really wanted was a white girl twerking in the passenger seat

I don’t intend to break you #6ws
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This is my favorite tree in all of Georgia
The trouble with girls is nobody loves trouble as much as me..
— Scotty McCreery